Investment Management

Our investment team constructs investment portfolios that are suited to your specific goals and risk tolerance. Our philosophy is to provide prudent allocation among the major asset classes; including stocks, bonds, and money markets while at the same time working to minimize the risk inherent when investing in the financial markets.

1. Investment Research

We begin our research by first analyzing the macro-economic trends using a top-down approach. Once we have a strategic view in place, we then seek to find the best investments to implement in our portfolios using a combination of individual securities, ETFs, and mutual funds.

2. Portfolio Construction

Once an initial review has been completed, we work on implementing the investment plan. The portfolio construction process begins with our current strategic outlook. We focus on asset allocation and tactical adjustments based on the business cycle phase of the economy (peak, trough, growth, slow-down). After implementation, we continually monitor the investment performance. As risk managers, our goal is to reduce volatility within the guided parameters and provide steady consistent growth.

3. Review/Discipline

The economy can change rapidly. Our investment committee meets at least once a month to go through a formal review process that tracks macro-economic changes and performance of our investment holdings. The ongoing implementation of our portfolios revolves around the investment committee results and our market outlook. Although we stay diligent with our plan, we are ready to make adjustments when economic conditions call for it.

We monitor, report and educate clients in a timely manner to keep them aware of how their portfolio is performing vs. expectations and various benchmarks.

Clients are encouraged to contact us whenever questions arise or whenever they encounter life changing events. Communication is key to making sure that your portfolio is in line with your objectives.


Heacock & Jones does not offer products or services that guarantee rates of return on investments for any time period to any client. Clients should be aware of the risks of investing. Account values will fluctuate due to the market and are subject to general market risks. For more information, see our Disclosures.

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