Heacock & Jones shall have discretion on investing client assets. Additionally, Heacock & Jones offers advice on a variety of investment vehicles; including Stocks, both exchange listed and securities traded over the counter; Warrants; Corporate debt securities; Certificates of Deposit; Municipal Securities; Mutual Funds; United States Government securities; Options contracts on stocks; Interests in partnerships investing in real estate or Oil & Gas Partnerships; or any other products that are appropriate for a client based on their individual needs and/or goals.

Heacock & Jones employs modern portfolio theory to construct investment portfolios that are suited to the client's goals and risk tolerance. The philosophy is to assist the client with the prudent allocation of their capital among the major asset classes including stocks, bonds and money market funds, while at the same time working to minimize the risk inherent when investing in the financial marketplace.


Heacock and Jones does not offer products or services that guarantee rates of return on investments for any time period to any client. Clients should be aware of the risks of investing. Clients’ accounts will fluctuate due to the market and are subject to general market risks.