Our Process

Regardless of whether your situation is simple or complex, our process follows the same steps.


We begin with a discovery session to review your current income, investment, and tax status; and then determine your financial and retirement goals. Using the information gathered during the discovery session, an Investment Policy Statement is created. The Investment Policy Statement defines your objectives, constraints, tax, legal and unique considerations.


The next step is to design an investment plan to help you achieve your financial and retirement goals. The Investment Policy Statement is used to determine the appropriate investment portfolio design tailored to your individual needs.


When you are comfortable with the plan, it will be put into action. If necessary, your accountant and/or attorneys may need to be involved in the implementation process. With your permission, we work closely with these third parties to help guide the process.


One of our priorities as your trusted financial advisor is to help you stay on track with your goals. Our Advisors continually monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary due to changes in your personal situation, the market, or economic conditions.

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